Privacy & Disclaimer

 Adventure Mission Nepal highly respects issues of privacy of its guest. We don’t provide any information given by our guest to a third party. We have been best possible to maintain privacy and security of the personal information provided to us by our valuable guest.

We also don’t support spamming and we don’t buy or borrow any kind of information that related to our Guest. The mails you get from Adventure Mission Nepal are sent to you after you request for certain information about trekking and tours in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India or some might have been suggest by a friend of yours. If you have been receiving unwanted information from us you can let us know immediately so that we can remove your email from the database.

 Adventure Mission Nepal is a eco-friendly adventure company and we always encourage our guests and staffs to do the same. We always encourage our guest to put a big jacket than burning a extra piece of fire wood! We don’t use fire wood for cooking during our camping treks. We don’t suggest walking short during the treks as they often lead you inside the forest and you might even get lost. The other side of it is it has some environmental impacts such as soil erosion and damage of the plants on the trekking trails. We always encourage following the specified trail rather than shortcuts.

 What are the necessary personal information you must provide to AMN for operation of trekking and tours?

The information we collect from the guest include the name, address, email address or telephone numbers. This information are intended just for the purpose of e requesting further information about our trips, to reserve and confirm the services during trekking and tours. We don’t ask or request for any information we don’t need to operate the trip.  You can visit our website without revealing your identification. We don’t ask for credit card details as you can pay once you are here if you are paying with a credit card.


If you have signed up for our newsletters and later change mind you have the option to unsubscribe on your own.


We have link exchange with several other partners and they might have a different policy about privacy of the guest so please go through their privacy policy before clicking the link in our website.

 E-mail Links

We use e-mail links of our site to let you to contact us directly through e-mail. We only use your given e-mail to provide the necessary information to you or to respond your comments or questions.

 Legal Disclaimer

We may disclose your personal information if demanded by the legal authorities in case of any issues related to them. But besides those cases no personal information will be disclosed to anyone.

 Sensitive Information

We don’t request for sensitive information related to our guest such as race, ethnic origin, political views, religion, philosophy, sexual preferences, criminal record or health information. In case of requirement of such information we will do in case you are willing or only with your consent.


We strongly refuse the identifiers allocated by other travel agency or service provider to recognize any of our clients or travelers.

 Privacy Legislation

Adventure Mission Nepal. Welcomes the Privacy Amendments (Private Sector) Act of Nepal and privacy Principles that the Act introduces.