Social responsibilities

Environment Protection

AMN is well aware about the fragile environment in the trekking regions. We practice eco friendly operations and encourage our guest to do the same. AS the life in the Himalayan country revolves around the mountains and natural resources resulting from the Mountains, we are very sincere towards environment protection and we encourage our guest to leave only footprints and take only photographs when it comes to environmental things. We don’t use firewood for camping and rather use Kerosene and LPG for cooking.  All the non degradable waste such as plastic bottles, Tins and others that are produced during trekking operations. We frequently participate in the programs organized by Environment protection agencies and NGO’s and INGO to get updated with the environmental issues and steps to be taken for proper development of Eco-tourism.

Education for the needy

AMN has been contributing 10% of its annual profit to the Manrupi Secondary school in the Sankosh, VDC of Dhading. This school in Dhading still needs a lot of help and we always encourage our guest to bring some stationary items for the needy kids and also welcome financial assistance from the guest.

Staff welfare / Porter Protection Policy

We take care of our Guides, porters and office staff in the best possible way. The insurance, salary allowance and rescue of the trekking staffs is well taken care by AMN. We also provide the best equipments to our guides and porters. We strictly follow the standards set by IPPG (International Porter Protection Group) regarding safety of the porters. Porters are important work force in trekking operation in the Himalayas so we are very sincere towards their welfare. We provide fair salary and wages; provide them the allowances as directed by trekking agents association of Nepal (TAAN) and Porters for AMN carry only maximum of 25 Kg during the trek.