Although no one has seen the Yeti, the Yeti has always lived in the imagination of the People in Nepal and visitors coming into Nepal.  If some day comes to reality from the myth, also the home of Yeti will be added as a tag for Nepal. Besides the legends of the Yeti, Nepal has some rare animals such as the one horned Rhino, The Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Elephants and more than 950 species of birds. There are more than 3000 flowering plants and some very useful medicinal plants found in Nepal. The vegetation and flora and fauna change with the change in Altitude.

Nepal is a country with one of the greatest altitude variation in the world. Geographically it has been divided into 3 area Hilly region (68%), Himalayan region (15%) and Terai Region (17%). The diversity in altitude has resulted in different climatic conditions ranging from Sub tropical to Alpine.

Nepal is home to 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world including the highest mountain Mount Everest.  Besides that it is also home of the 10 8000 m high peaks in the world among the 14. Diverse topography has also resulted in diversity in culture, traditions and languages. There are more than 90 dialects spoken in the country, more than 125 ethnic live in a harmony and 10 religions are present in the most tolerant way possible. Every 50 Km you travel you can experience a change in the landscape and cultures.

Visiting Nepal is not only about culture tours and visiting monuments; this tiny nation has a lot of possibilities interms of adventure. Activities like Trekking, Peak Climbing, Bungee Jump, Zip line, Paragliding, Mountain Flight, Ultra light aircraft ride, Mountain Biking etc are all possible in Nepal.

Travelling into Nepal is not only visiting Its 10 world Heritage sites or trekking in the Everest and Annapurna region. It has a lot more to offer! This year the place to be is Nepal. The easy visa system of on arrival visa makes it less complicated and saves you time. The people are friendly and services are excellent. Make this year’s vacation a life time memory by travelling with Adventure Mission Nepal! Happy Traveling!