Bhutan The land of thunder Dragon


The name Bhutan came from the Sanskrit word “Bhotanta” which literally means the end of Bhot, which is the Sanskrit name of Tibet. People of Bhutan follow the Drukpa Kagyugpa religion, which is mainly practiced in the western region of the country. Here “Druk” literally means “Dragon”. According to the Myth, Tsangpo Gyare, a Tibetan Lama once perceived the thunder dragon while he was exploring a area to construct a Monastery and titled the place Druk Yul. The Kagyu section was carried by few Tibetans Monks who came to reside in the western region of the Bhutan during the medieval periods.

Bhutan is taken as the country of serene Dragon. It is small kingdom with land locked mountainous country in Asia. It is situated in the eastern part of the Himalayas between China in the North and India in the South. Bhutan is a nation with a Buddhist culture and practically avoiding the foreign impacts for many centuries. However it started its door slowly and gradually to the foreigners in 1970s. 

Bhutan is small country with area 38,394 sq. Km and population around 700,000. Although Bhutan has small terrain but it has varied territory from sub-tropical forests to the elevated mountains still untouched. No one has step on the top of the some Mountains of Bhutan.

Bhutan is situated between longitude 88 Degree 45' – 92 Degree 10' east and Latitude 26 Degree 42' to 25 Degree 15' north. Similarly, the altitude varies 100 meters in the south to more than 7,500 m in the north.  This small country has not more than 20 districts and currency is called Ngultrum (Nu).

Exploring Bhutan gives you the true and clear picture of the Bhutanese people, traditions, culture and hospitality. Almost 90% of the total population follows Buddhist. Similarly, every short tours and treks will pass by stunning Monasteries, Dzongs and other naturally and culturally important places. These memorials will shows you how rich are the Bhutanese in arts and architecture.

Fast facts about Bhutan

Area 38394 Sq.KM
Capital city Thimpu
Population 742737
National Languages Dzongkha
Border with India and China
Altitude 97m - 7570m
Per-capita Income  USD 2100
Currency Ngultrum (1 USD = 60)
Religion Mahayana Buddhism
Time Zone +06.00

Bhutan - Things to Do

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