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Nepal is blessed with one of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes.  The Majestic Himalayas, the lush green hills and the sub tropic plains all are within this small tiny nation. The hills and the mountains cover almost 83% area of the country making it a destination for trekking and Hiking. Trekking and hiking in Nepal range from soft adventure to challenging. Trekking in Nepal is not only a walk through the mountain valleys and old trails but it is the best way to know its people and the country. Trekking in Nepal can be operated on 2 different categories. Tea house trekking or Lodge trekking in Nepal is based on using the services of the tea houses on the trail, especially for food and accommodation. Camping trekking in Nepal is done for remote areas without tea houses or any accommodation units.

Annapurna, Everest and Langtang are the 3 most popular regions for trekkers in Nepal. These places have become the major attractions for trekking coming to Nepal. Besides them short hiking around Kathmandu, trek in the new areas such as Narphu, Ruby valley, Manaslu circuit etc are also getting very popular as new trekking trails in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal takes you to scenic villages, paddy fields, and high snow covered passes and to some of the most remote areas away from modern civilization. The trekking in Nepal is done in the lush green hills to the dry cold desert like rain shadow areas of Dolpo, Mustang and Narphu. Trekking holiday experiences provided are not limited to Nepal. We also organize trekking in Tibet, Bhutan and India. Tibet is the roof of the world and has one of the most challenging topography best suited for adventure lovers. Kham Amdo Chamdo trek, Kharta Valley trekking, North Everest base cmap trekking and Advanced Everest base cmap trekking are the famous trekking in Tibet.  Bhutan is a hidden paradise as its area is covered by green forest, nature and high snow peaks. This small kingdom between Tibet and India also offers great trekking experience. The Chomolhari trek, Soi Yaksa trek, Druk path trek and Chelia trekking are popular trekking in Bhutan.  India is the land of diversity and it has some of the best trekking areas in the world. Home to the 3rd highest mountain, Kanchenjunga this country also boasts of Leh-Ladakh, Sikkim and many other places with best trekking trails in Asia.

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Trekking in Nepal Himalayas Nepal trekking adventure is a way of seeing country

Alpine meadows, rhododendron forests and the foothills of the snow peaked Himalayas

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