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If you like to test your endurance and physical strength there is no better option than peak climbing in the Himalayas. The Himalayas are the dream place of adventure lovers for peak climbing.  The Himalayas extend from Burma to Afghanistan and the highest stretch of the Himalayas lies in the middle of Indian subcontinent and Tibet. There is 850 km of Himalayan range in Nepal alone. It includes 1310 mountains and peaks more than 5500 meters (18,090 ft) to 8848m (29,028ft), the highest place on earth. We have some of the best mountain guides who have long experiences in scaling the heights of these highest mountains. Our logistics include the best equipment, all food and accessories.  Peak climbing in Nepal is one of the best adventures you can dream about. Depending on your budget and interest there are many options for peak climbing in Nepal. Although many of the mountains in Bhutan are not open for climbers Kulha Gangri is a famous peak for climbing in Bhutan.  In Tibet Naimonanyi, Gang Benchem,  Jiala Balri , Noiji Kangsang,  Nyainqentanglha,  Feng Loinbo Kangri, Qungmoganze , Ulugh Muztagh (Muztagh Feng) , Kaluxung / Kalurong , Sirengou I etc are most popular peaks for climbing. India also has some very interesting peaks for climbing in the Jammu Kashmir, Utttarakhand and Himanchal area.

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