Thailand receives one of the highest numbers of tourist in Asia. It is a great land of diversity. Thailand has a rich cultural background, incredible diversity and a climate suitable for travel almost year round. In fact Bangkok is rapidly becoming a centre for business within South East Asia, due to its geographic location, but also due to the fact that Thailand has a stable political system and a strong economy.


To complement Thailand’s cultural and geographical attributes, is an increasingly modern and already efficient infrastructure. The system of highways, lesser roads and railways is fantastic and as good as any country. Domestic flights in Thailand are all quite short so flying between centres or even around the region, is definitely an option.
Thailand is the perfect destination, whether it is purely for leisure, business or as an incentive destination. Visitors to Thailand will discover a friendly, refreshing, safe and beautiful country.


If you ask any person who has visited Thailand, what it is that they loved about the country? Many people would say it is the friendly people who make for such a good experience. Thai people are known for their friendly smiles, natural grace and kindness which is probably why so many people return to Thailand for their holidays time after time. And don’t miss the Thai Boxing while you are in Thailand

Fast facts about Thailand

Area 513120 Sq.KM
Capital city Bangkok
Population 66720123
Official Languages Thai
Border with Malaysia, Laos, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam
Altitude 0m-2296 m
Per-capita Income  USD 6572
Currency Thai Bhat (1 USD  = 30 Thai Bhat)
Religion Buddhism and  Christianity 
Time Zone +08.00

Thailand - Things to Do

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