Tibet Roof top of the world

Tibet is the highest place on earth, a mystic land full of spirituality that rises above more than 4000m from sea level. This forbidden area of central Asia is full of beautiful monasteries, mystic Gompas, scenic settlements and friendly people.  It is a cold desert with the warmth of Tibetan Buddhism.

Tibet is also known as the roof of the world as the high mighty Himalayas rise from the Tibetan plateau. Tibet is the land of the most scared mountain in the world, Mt. Kailash and the holy lake Manasarovar.  Tsaprang and Tholing are two lost cities of the ancient times found in this holy land of Buddhism.  

Lhasa is the capital city of the Autonomous region of Tibet.  Lhasa is home to the Jokhang temple and the palace of the Dalai Lama Potala. Travel to the north base camp of the Everest is also a delightful journey in Tibet. According to some historians Tibet has the longest history of Human settlements which is supported by the very old ancient cave paintings found in this high land.

This hidden area is still very far from modernization, except in some big cities, life is simple, traditional and religious. The trekking trails are unspoiled and people simple yet full of hospitality. Visiting Tibet is not only a journey into isolation it is an opportunity to understand your inner self.

Fast facts about Tibet

Area 2.5 million Sq.KM
Capital city Lhasa
Population 13 million
 Official Languages Tibetan and Chinese
Border with 4 countries(India, Nepal , Bhutan and Burma)
Altitude 2500-8848 m
Per-capita Income  USD 1700
Currency Chinese Yuan (1 USD  = 6.5 Yuan)
Religion Tibetan Buddhism, Bonpo, Animism
Time Zone +08.00

Tibet - Things to Do

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