Volunteer Tours

Volunteer Tours

Helping in Nepal is one of the different and life time experience. You adopt in the local areas and familiar with the culture and hospitality of the people. The culture of Nepalese people are very different from your culture, it is friendly, rich in art and philosophy. This helps to a very wealthy learning experience. We join the volunteering period with the other adventurous activities of Nepal like trekking, short hike, wildlife sightseeing, rafting, and biking as well as cultural tours and so on. These depend upon the interests, time, budgets and activities.


Areas of volunteering in Nepal are varied like Early Childhood Development, Orphanage Homes, Environment & Water Research, Nepal Teacher Development, Community Health & Medical Care, and Women's Empowerment and many more.

Generally, these NGOs are seeking for the people who can deal with websites, prepare brochures, photos, documents etc. There are lots of fields for the volunteering like nursing, physiotherapy, psycho counseling and particular medical field. In the same way, private organizations seeks volunteer in IT, Finance managers, business planners, marketing officer, designers etc. Similarly, post can be established for expertise fields such as gardening, pest control, and town planning and so on.


Generally many positions are inside the Kathmandu valley with some particular positions takes place in the field of trekking regions and villages and towns of Nepal.


The time of volunteering lies on the complete customized work which will be indomitable throughout wide ranging contact between the volunteer and organizations. Generally, time periods are from minimum one week to four weeks. This is completely paid volunteering prospect. The time starts from the airport pick up, information and sightseeing of the country and the organizations including culture, languages and welcome or farewell dinner. 


Accommodation can be managed in local guest houses, home stays, and stars hotel depending upon the area, budgets and interests.